Handheld Dual Function BioAcoustic
Resonating Electrodes


Powerful Affordable Energy Healing

  1. Find a restful place, connect your ear buds to your computer, and/or your electronic Rife Machine or “Zapper” (if available and desired), to your Handheld Dual-Function Electromagnetic BioAcoustic Resonating Electrodes to prompt natural healing. Simply select your preferred frequency to generate the acoustic energy of the healing frequency recommended in the online chart. Breathe, pray, and/or meditate on your healing during your energy treatment. Or
    simply relax while you get a powerful therapy session by simply holding cialis these electromagnetic energy-generating bioacoustic instruments in your hands.
  2. You control the acoustic healing frequency using your mouse and the frequency number you input into the “Hz field.” Simply input the number of the frequency you wish to generate. Make sure your ear buds are connected¬† to the hand instruments and headphone jack of your computer. Now hold the electrodes while you sit back and enjoy your bioacoustic healing session, or add Rife Machine or “Zapper” connections (when available and as desired) to administer both methods of electro-acoustic energy simultaneously.
  3. The Handheld Dual-Function BioAcoustic Resonating Electrodes come complete with a pair of ear buds that connect to your computer headphones jack.
  4. Match the tone being played with your recommended “Rife frequency,” and let your healing happen naturally.

Please note: These powerful energy healing instruments, used as Rife Machine accessories, often prompt a “detoxification reaction” (i.e., Herxheimer reaction.) This may be prevented by good hydration,
detoxification, and boosting natural immunity with aerobic exercise, adequate rest, and good nutrition.

If you already know the frequency recommended for your condition, you can enter it into the field of
this online frequency generator. Otherwise, you can consult the online list of recommended “experimental” vibrations advanced by Royal Raymond Rife and his followers.

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