How it Works

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.03.50 AMiRife_Handheld_ElectrodesIt works the same way you are inspired (energized) to exist, that is, by electrons that sustain your body in the “image of the Creator” in the frequency of LOVE/528Hz.

You see Dr. Leonard

Horowitz is famous for defining you, as a “human being,” as follows:

The energy that heals you, and sustains you (literally constructs you moment to moment) is the same energy that makes grass grow green (with primarily “LOVE/528”). Electrons are energy carries responsible for every movement, or every object, universally. So you cannot under-estimate the power of electrons.

Nor can you neglect or dishonor the power of Water. (According to every culture and religion, Water is revered as sacred. In the Book of Genesis, and Jesus’ sermons, Water is considered 1/3 of the “Triune God.”

Now you are made Water. This is virtually sea water. And Water, resonating with minerals and electrons, is a “superconductor” of sound and light signals. This is why dolphins and whales can communicate with their families thousands of miles away under the sea.

Putting these facts together explains how the iRife service and iRife Handheld BioAcoustic Electrodes (iRHBE) work to energize your body with not only Royal Raymond Rife’s “disease-electrocuting” frequencies of electron energy, but also the 528Hz frequency especially resonating through the handheld electrode crystal core.

The 528Hz/528nm crystalline core of these handheld electrodes direct the powerful healing energy from these frequencies of light and sound into the palms of your hands and into your body Water using very strong magnets, positioned to cause this result.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.03.50 AMThese iRHBE enable you to connect any “Rife Machine” or “Zapper” that uses standard banana plugs, as well as standard audio earbuds (provided with your iRHBE set/order). This enables you to complement your “Rife treatments” with “bioacoustic therapy” by simply using any audio-output jack on computers with Internet connections.

By simply plugging your earbuds into the “ears” of the iRHBE, going online to and selecting the frequency you wish to generate, you can administer that precise energy going into the iRHBE and your body. Hereby, people who do not have, or cannot afford, Rife Machines can get the benefit of a powerful parallel technology at the low cost of the iRHBE (i.e., less than $250.00 compared with Rife Machines that cost thousands).

And people who have Rife Machines, can complement their frequency generators by generating the precise acoustic energy, at the same time as the electronic energy is being applied, enhancing the power of the combined therapies.

Advanced clinicians can even modulate their combined bioacoustic and electronic therapies using harmonics, by matching the electronic Rife frequency being generated with the harmonic acoustic frequency selected online at